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Looking to create passive income through your website & blog?

let's boost your website visibility and monetise your audience.

Let's boost both your visibility & profit

Your blog should be working for you, not the other way around!

are you pouring your heart and soul into your content, but have very little to show for it?

Are you feeling drained from all the time & effort you've spent setting up your blog?

The Blog Method is created and hosted by Gillian Sarah, an international award winning blog designer. Join Gillian through trainings to build, boost and monetise your blog, turning it into a profit machine that works for you and your lifestyle.

Gillian has helped over 4,000 entrepreneurs build their websites, with significant increases in traffic, sales conversions  and brand partnership bookings.

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The Blog Method

*I love* How well Gillian explains things! She absolutely is such a great teacher and I felt like she was so patient with me as I learned. Her youtube videos are hands down amazing!

Kelly Ballard - City Girl meets farm boy

You helped me look at my business in a different way. It’s as if my business was always organized in these topics and categories but I just hadn’t realized it.

Leslie Saeta - My 100 Year Old Home

since my amazing new website has been launched, i have received four new paid collaborations. I am so excited!

meeghan aimone - Cali girl in a southern world



What will we cover?







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Dragée I love candy canes sweet fruitcake I love caramels candy canes. Topping toffee lollipop powder I love pie. Pie gingerbread jelly-o jelly donut jelly-o pie apple pie I love.



Do you have an idea but don't know how to implement it? Let's figure out your niche and goals and get you set for success from the beginning.



Also known as "Search Engine Optimisation", or as I like to say, how to get found on Google. there is no point in having a website if no one can find you.



How to make money in clever ways, by only promoting the items you truly love and use all the time. Affiliate Marketing is a MUST within any business.

affiliate marketing


Monetise your website without having to sell anything at all. Get paid for every view you have on your website. But there are some do's and don'ts with this!

Website Ads


Let's nurture your biggest followers. Such a small % of your audience see your social media posts (darn algorithm) but a high percentage of those signed up to your mailing list will see your newsletters. Let's take advantage of it.



This course will be very community driven. You want to know about it, and we will schedule in a module to talk it through. We may even have a few fun expert guests up our sleeves...

much more...


Confidence in your blog!

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I heard one of the amazing ladies that I love to I follow on Instagram talk about her wonderful experience with Gillian and I just thought why not have a professional help me out in the beginning and really get started off right.

Sara Erwin - Neon Farmhouse

*I love* Your video tutorials and how you introduced me to WooCommerce and blogging! I feel confident in making updates, writing blogs, and managing my online store without the anxiety of breaking something

Ivonka Letocha - IV Design

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I'm not a blogger, will this be of any use to me?

It sure will. You don't have to be a "blogger" to blog. And we do cover things not blog related. This is for anyone with a website who is looking for ways to monetise it to create easy additional revenue streams.

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Do I have to be on a specific website platform for this to be useful to me?

No you don't, although our trainings will be demonstrated on a Wordpress blog, the information given (apart from Wordpress / Showit tutorials) can be translated across to any platform.

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 Will I be able to access all future course updates?

Of course! Any future course updates will automatically appear within your account and you will gain instant access to them.